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Airborne Systems Integrations

Data Processing


GPS Precise Point Positioning

SNOOPY Mobile Mapper by Fagerman Technologies

Airborne GPS/Inertial

Our company was founded by Roman Kathofer as a group of airborne mapping experts in 2006. After spending over 20 years in the corporate world in Europe, the Far East and North America, it was time for Roman to follow his own ideas and bring his personal views to the Geomatics industry.

Frontier Geomatics Inc. specializes in airborne imaging technologies, ABGPS, INS and LIDAR mapping systems. We are a partner of various vendors to provide personal sales and knowledgeable support. We are a NovAtel SPAN (GPS/INS) representative and  market and support the most accurate and reliable GPS-PPP software - TerraPOS developed by TerraTec. Furthermore, we provide IMU system rentals and quality data-processing services including aerial triangulation, IMU boresighting and camera calibrations.

Our company supplies state-of-the-art survey systems which are valuable, reliable and affordable to our customers in the airborne sensing field. We pride ourselves in providing customized solutions and on-site system integration through our personal technical support and proven expertise in this industry. Based on our long practical experience in aerial photogrammetry and remote sensing, our hands-on engineering service focuses on workflow integration and not just operational handling of our systems.

We see every installation as the beginning of a long-lasting relationship with our customers, by remaining the first point-of-contact for support and any other related questions. As a partner, we feel responsible for our client's success.

Our industry’s work tools and instruments have gained amazing capabilities. However, similarities of solutions by different vendors are frequently small and often only visible on a specifications sheet. When new products are launched, habitually their technological innovation and minute competitive features are emphasized rather than the gain of productivity and benefit for the potential owner of such a system. "Product First" seems to be the motto, reflecting the excitement by the geeks who developed them in seclusion.

Bringing People and Technology Together” is not just our company slogan because we should have one, but it is our primary value by which we operate. It is the people who make technology work for them and not the other way around. We emphasize our personal support and professional after-sales services as crucial parts in a system purchased from us.

No "state-of-the-art" system is of much use for its owner when its expensive features are not well integrated into an existing production workflow.

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